A New Way of Indoor Exercise has Stormed through The Market

As much as exercises require certain amounts of straining, it shouldn't be so bad that we end up getting ourselves injured. As it is the case, an injury is the worst nightmare for any sportsperson.

Way of Indoor Exercise-the upright bikeHave a look at bikes for example, and let is limit ourselves to two categories. One of these is the upright bike. As its name suggests, it is ridden with the rider seated in an upright manner, legs hanging directly below the weight of the rider under the seat. The recumbent is the one where the rider sits in a leaning position with his/her back cushioned against some pad.

There are several types of these bikes depending on their configuration;

- Short wheelbase
- Long wheelbase
- Mix of wheelbase sizes
- Overseat
- Underseat
- No-hands steering
- Rear-wheel drive
- Front wheel drive

Going Indoors

Apart from the normal recumbent bike, we have the recumbent exercise bike which is stationary in nature. In most cases, this type of bike has found an indoor use. This bike is an alternative to jogging or lifting weights as a means of burning calories and reducing weight.

One may question the advantage of the bike over the normal or natural ways of exercising like running. After all, this is just another cost-?buying a bike. In this case, it is good to make it known that this bike offers more than plain exercises. Running might not be taking care of all organs in the body structure. Remember, there are only a few organs involved in the exercises. For example, the neck may not feel a similar effect to that of the leg during a jog.

This is where this bike comes in, as it is designed to maximize the effect of a single workout. Remember when the legs are involved with the peddles, the back is involved on another surface while the hands are in a position of steering and so are the most parts of the body.

That aside, this bike also has ergonomic effect which minimizes the possibilities of injuries which are caused by extended exercises and bad postures. The other good thing with these bikes is that some of them can be folded and thus convenient even to those people whose houses are limited in terms of space. This design can be stored in closets, under the beds or even on top of the cupboards.

Everyone needs quality. This is the reason why you should always consider when purchasing these bikes, and they include;

1. Comfort level
2. Price
3. Living area space
4. Workout effectiveness

One needs to choose according to the amount of money available. However, comfort can not be traded with effectiveness and health, thus it requires proper planning and consideration before one decides which bike to buy.

Generally, these bikes are a bit expensive. For this reason, their handling should be much guided as their maintenance may be costly too. In addition, proper handling may increase comfort and their durability. Finding the best equipment that will take ones health into consideration is very important and that is why you should be very careful when choosing such for your use.

One of the best sources we've found online is Indoor Traing Bikes, a website dedicated to exercise bikes in general. Our personal choice for the best brand is Schwinn, mainly because of their excellent value-to-money ratio.